7pm Class

    8/19/15 Oly Skill   Performance 15min to find a 1RM Squat Snatch Fitness 15min to find a 1RM Snatch Deadlift   Metcon   Performance 3 Rounds for Time 14 KB Snatches 24kg/16kg *L + R 200m Run *Every 2min 10 Squat Tucks Fitness 3 Rounds for Time 14 Single Arm KB Raises *L …

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Women’s Class

Hey Ladies. Don’t forget about our women’s class Monday-Friday 10am and 6pm!! New apparel   8/18/15 Gymnastics Strength   Performance 3×15 GHD Hip Ext. Fitness 3x30sec. Superman Holds + Hollow Holds   Metcon   Performance & Fitness As Many Reps As Possible *2x through 1min Supine Ring Rows 1min rest 1min KBS 32kg/24kg 1min rest …

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8/17/15 Strength   Performance & Fitness 1-1-1-1-1 of Push Press *New 1RM   Metcon   Performance & Fitness 3 Rounds for Total Time *2min rest b/t Rounds 8 DB Hang Power Snatch 55/35 *8 each arm 10 Lateral Burpees over DB 1min Row

Athlete of the Week!!

Athlete of the Week: Howard! He came to us a couple of months ago wanting to lose weight, get healthier, increase his energy levels, and to better his all around fitness. At first he was not able to complete his rowing workouts, could barely jump rope, and couldn’t even hit parallel in his squats. Now …

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Want to recover better? Try sleeping for 7-8 hours a night. Sleeping will trigger different hormones to help repair your body in more ways than one. It helps repair muscles after a long workout, and even helps your body make more white blood cells to help fight off infection or different kinds of bacteria. Sleeping …

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Do you have a problem keeping your shoes tied during a workout? Check out this tip..…/how-to-tie-your-gym-shoes/   8/12/15 Gymnastics   Performance E3M for 12min 5 (w) GHD Hip Ext. Fitness E3M for 12min 8 Supermans into Hollow Holds   Metcon   Performance & Fitness 12min AMRAP 400m Row 12 Burpee Pull-Ups 12 Box Jumps …

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Women’s Class

Good job to our First Ladies of UPLIFT   8/11/15 Oly Skill   Performance EMOM 8min 1 Hi Hang Squat Snatch + 1 Squat Snatch Fitness EMOM 8min 3 DB Squat Snatches L+R   Metcon   Performance 8 Rounds for Time 3 Squat Cleans 155/105 12 Push-Ups 48 Double Unders Fitness 8 Rounds for Time …

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UPLIFT is here!!! This is the no intimidation zone where women of all fitness levels(beginner to advanced) can participate. Whether your pre/post pregnancy, 50+ age, overweight, uncomfortable with heavy weights, looking to tone up, build your back side, lose that bra line jiggle…. YOU are welcome!! We are all here to support each other and …

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Athlete of the Week

For this weeks ATHLETE OF THE WEEK, Tamari Bell has been summoned. She’s a strong willed women with a stubborn attitude. She’s here every single day, straight from work to our latest class. Most people’s excuse is they’re too tired at that point in the day so they don’t show up. She doesn’t find an …

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Post Workout Nutrition

Words of Wisdom: Are you taking in enough of the proper nutrients after a workout? This is called post workout nutrition or “the window of gainz”. Essentially exercising (whatever form it may be) uses carbohydrates for energy, and so the muscle carbohydrates are depleted. So this is why this period after you workout “the window …

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